1. Business Valuation: What is my business worth?
  2. Machinery and Techinical Specialties: Equipment, aircrafts, yachts, utilities, mines and more.
  3. Personal Property: Antiques, fine art, collectibles, cars, home contents and more.
  4. Real Property: Real estate, ownership interests, trusts, investment decisions and more.
  5. Gems and Jewelry: Jewelry and gemstones.
  6. Appraisal Review and Management: Review of a completed appraisal.

ASA Specialty

Selecting a specialty will help narrow your search and find appraisers with experience appraising certain types of objects. Specialties are available in all disciplines with the exception of Appraisal Review and Management and Gems and Jewelry.

Purpose of Appraisal

Specifies why you are having the appraisal done such as "taxes", "estates", "insurance" to help you locate the most qualified appraiser for the job.


Helps to locate appraisers with experience in a particular industry.