Board and Committees

The following is a list of our committees. Please click on the name of a committee below to view its description, officers and members.

Board of Governors CommitteeBoard of Governors Committee

Discipline Committees

Appraisal Review & Management Discipline CommitteeAppraisal Review & Management Discipline Committee

Business Valuation Discipline CommitteeBusiness Valuation Discipline Committee

Gems & Jewelry Discipline CommitteeGems & Jewelry Discipline Committee

Machinery & Technical Specialties Discipline CommitteeMachinery & Technical Specialties Discipline Committee

Personal Property Discipline CommitteePersonal Property Discipline Committee

Real Property-NAIFA Discipline CommitteeReal Property-NAIFA Discipline Committee

Other Committees

College of FellowsCollege of Fellows

Standing Committees

Board of Examiners CommitteeBoard of Examiners Committee

Budget and Finance CommitteeBudget and Finance Committee

Constitution and Bylaws CommitteeConstitution and Bylaws Committee

Diversity and Inclusion Task ForceDiversity and Inclusion Task Force

International Conference CommitteeInternational Conference Committee

International Education CommitteeInternational Education Committee

International Marketing CommitteeInternational Marketing Committee

Nominating and Awards CommitteeNominating and Awards Committee